The VOAD is made up of a group of community leaders and volunteers, coming together to help our fellow neighbors.

If you would like to volunteer, here are a list of areas you can volunteer, along with the point-person over that area.

  • Food Provisioning (Don Poe): Responsibility for all issues involving food (survivors / volunteers).  Other volunteers will report to this position.
  • Shelters (Susan Allen): Responsibility for providing shelters (survivors / out of state volunteers). Other volunteers will report to this position.
  • Volunteer Vetting (Rev. Jimmy Cason): Professionally investigating volunteers to ensure they are suitable for certain volunteer positions.
  • Public Information Sharing (Justin Samples): Provide information to the public
  • Web/Social Media Resource & Information Sharing (Mandy Edwards): Create and update web resources
  • Donation Collections (Hugh & Chris Yaughn): Responsible for all donations management.
  • Volunteer Hours Record Keeper: Responsible for maintaining volunteer hours

Long Term Recovery Committee Volunteer Positions

  • Coordinator (Matthew White): Oversees and manages the completion of Long Term Recovery Tasks 
  • Case Worker :[1]  Performs case worker functions of disaster survivors assigned to them

[1] Caseworkers are typically trained and might obtain training through an agency that is part of the state organization of Voluntary Agencies Active in a Disaster (VOAD).