12PM Power Outage Report

Here is the 12pm Power Outage update. Please remember to stay inside and stay safe. The curfew is still in effect.

From the Bulloch EMA, “Traffic lights are beginning to fail due to power outages….treat them as a 4-way stop if you have to be out. Otherwise, stay in as the curfew is still in effect.”

As of 12pm:

Georgia Power Outages: 11,128
EMC Outages: 8,536

To report a Georgia Power outage, call 888-891-0938
To report an EMC outage, call 912.685.2115

DO NOT CALL 911 for power outages, that is only for emergencies. If you need assistance and it is non-life threatening, call Bulloch EMA at 912.489.1661.